How Telemedicine Is Poised To Increase Patient Satisfaction



No matter how minor your issue may be, doctor’s appointments continue to be incredibly time-consuming affairs. As a result, many people are hesitant to go see a doctor when they just have a sniffle or a cough. In one sense, this is helpful to the entire system, because when everyone goes running to the doctor for every cough, sniffle or sneeze, it places an incredible strain on the system and drives up costs. Not to mention when sick people all gather together in a waiting room, you run the risk of becoming sick when you weren’t originally.

In addition, patients who have had surgery or other medical procedures can also spend a great deal of time going to follow-up exams when everything is proceeding just fine. The bottom line is that in many cases an actual visit to the doctor is unnecessary but a doctor doesn’t know that without an actual visit. Enter telemedicine. Telemedicine is poised to address a number of issues with the current medical system.

With telemedicine, you don’t have to make a trip to sit in a waiting room when you are sick or be exposed to others who are sick. You can sit and wait for your appointment in the comfort of your own home. Video features can allow technicians or medical assistants to visually view symptoms to determine whether an appointment is necessary or not and can even quickly get a second opinion from a doctor if necessary. Best of all, they don’t need private exam rooms for each patient.
When patients have undergone surgery or are at risk for certain complication, they can perform different types of self-exams, such as checking their blood pressure or monitoring their heart rate. They can upload results to technicians that can check the results to determine if a doctor visit is necessary or not. Telemedicine is poised to increase patient satisfaction significantly by cutting down on the number of doctor visits they need to make when there is legitimately nothing wrong.

from Mike Plumlee Financial Advisor | Business

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